Mockingjay Banned In Thailand


Siandhara Bonnet

The symbol made by the people in “The Hunger Games”

by Matthew Grissom, Staff Writer

The series known all around the world as The Hunger Games has grossed an incredible amount of 500 million dollars. When a person looks at this series, they probably think of a series with a lot of action and cool effects, but some people are actually using the film as an act of rebellion.

In Thailand, people are using the symbol they use in the books or the movies as a sign for their rebellion. Due to this, the Government banned the new movie from coming out to their country.

The book stars Katniss Everdeen who is from district 12. She is  in a life or death situation due to the capitol forcing kids through the ages 12-18 to fight to the death. When she breaks those rules, she is put in to even more danger then she was in the deadly arena. The movies are faithful adaptations to the books.

In the movie, when people are put into the Games, they put their three fingers together, kiss them, and raise them to the sky to wish them good luck. Later down when the rebellion get’s started, they use that exact same symbol to fight against the capitol. Thailand is basically doing the same thing as what happened in the book.

“We were shooting when this started happening,” director of the movie Francis Lawrence said. “Part of it is sort of thrilling, that something that happens in the movie can become a symbol for people, for freedom or protest.”

Many protesters are still being arrested in Thailand and the movie is still banned. The protests were started by kids wanting more rights, so they protested using the symbol from the movie. The Thai government learned what the sign is from and banned the next movie from coming out.

Many people have adopted this sign and many people have gone on protests to try and make their voices heard; they have been arrested for what they believe in.