In the Locker Room: Cross Country Outruns the Competition


Siandhara Bonnet

Cross Country sign given by the boosters

by Matthew Grissom, Staff Writer

With all of the fall sports coming to a close, students congratulate the athletes for showing Lion Pride, win or lose. We usually congratulate football or volleyball players, but sometimes, other teams don’t make the front page. Not only did the cross country team do well at their meets this year, but three members went to regionals and one senior made it to state, making this a very successful year.

Cross country started on July 21 and ended on November 8. They met every week and they ran over 3 miles every time they met. Their year ended with two members of the boys tea, senior Kyle LaRoche and junior Rob Coe  placing at district to go to regionals along with senior Emily Hill. LaRoche and Coe both advanced to the state meet.

“I was excited,” Coe said. “It was always my goal ever since my sophomore year and to finally do it is like nothing else. I finally accomplished my goal.”

Head Cross Country Coach Kevin Lawson expressed pride in the team.

“I was so proud of all their hard work,” Lawson said. “We had our ups and downs and we had a few injuries through this year but we managed to do awesome this year.”

To honor all the athletes’ hard work, the booster club bought them a sign showcasing all the team’s past victories.  Coach Lawson thought that the team should have some recognition for their hard work this year, so the sign was but up on the baseball field fence for all students to see.

“It was the right place to put it because that’s where we start every morning and that’s where we practiced,” Lawson said.

Since the season is now over, Coe leaves these words to the upcoming athletes:

“Don’t be afraid to put the work in,” Coe said. “It’s going to hurt but it’s worth it. I’m able to run a mile less than five minutes know.”