Throwing it Back: 80’s music


by Matthew Grissom, Staff Writer

People have heard names such as Miley Cyrus, Drake, Kanye West, and Ariana Grande. They are some of the biggest artists of our time right now, and some of them write really catchy songs, but people always seem to forget the good days of music: where people used to rock out and actually used instruments to make their songs, not computers.

One of the musicians who played in the 1980’s was the always popular and legendary, Michael Jackson. He started with his four brothers in a band called The Jackson 5. With his brothers, he sang a song which was the most popular song at the time: I Want You Back. In the 80’s, Jackson was at the top of the world with songs like Beat It and Thriller. He made millions of dollars with those two songs alone. People loved him so much that he will always be known as the “King of Pop.”

I love Jackson. He writes awesome music all the time and my favorite song is definitely ‘Bad.’”

— Freshman Danielle Stoner

Another one of the greats is Jon Bon Jovi from the band Bon Jovi. Starting out as a boy who dropped out of school and the the only job he could get was a shoe salesman, to one of the biggest stars of the 1980s. His biggest song of his career was Livin’ On A Prayer, composed in 1983, grossing over 34 million fans to go out and buy tickets.

“Bon Jovi is awesome,” freshman Gavin Davis said. “He puts a lot of effort in his songs, but my favorite song is Wanted Dead or Alive.”

The 80’s also had more of a rock and roll and pop feel. The way the music is played gets people to remember the song better. From the vocals, instruments and overall beat, it connects to more people. With today’s music we have a ….. well, I don’t know. It doesn’t have any sort of place. One minute it’s pop and the next it’s rap. It keeps changing and it sometimes feels annoying and a cluster of instruments that are just playing like the first time a garage band starts playing. It’s not a pretty sight. I know that they are trying something new, and that’s fine, but if it’s not broke, I say don’t fix it.

“The 80’s were one of the best eras of music,” sophomore T.J McGinnis said. “My favorite band in the time is Metallica and I love the beat any all the effort the put in their music.”

So after not even scratching the surface of the music in the 80s, people in the age group of 14-18 don’t like it. Do they think it’s too old or out-dated? These songs are timeless and will always be awesome. They still sell albums and Bon Jovi is still playing sold out concert arenas. People like the current music we have today, and people seem to really like Katy Perry, but the golden age of music is definitely the rocking 80’s.