Super Bowl countdown

by Matthew Grissom, Staff Writer

The Super Bowl is a mere three days away and millions of fans all across the world are gearing up. The Seattle Seahawks will try to defend their title against the New England Patriots. This Super Bowl, though, is very controversial. There have been rumors about the Patriots cheating to get to the Super Bowl. None of this is confirmed yet and the Patriots are still playing.

The Seattle Seahawks were founded in 1976. They have won the Super Bowl once, and that was last year. Their field is called CenturyLink Field which was built in 2002 and their record for the 2014 season is 14-4. Their quarter backs name is Russell Wilson. His completion percentage is 63.4 and total passing yards is 9,950. The Seahawks wish to bring their second win this year and bring pride to Seattle.

The New England were formed in 1959 have won 3 Super Bowls. Their home field is called Gillette Stadium which was built in 2002 and their record is the same as the Seahawks. Their quarter back is Tom Brady. His completion percentage is 63.5 and his passing yards is 53,258. Tom Brady wants to win his and the Patriots fourth Super Bowl. The Patriots are being accused of cheating from their last game. The violation the Patriots are being accused of is that the team put less air in their balls so that their players can throw and catch the ball better. Even if they find out if it’s true though, they will still play on Sunday.

They play Sunday at the University of Phoenix stadium which is located in Arizona. The time is 5:30 P.M. may the best team win and let’s hope no one cheats.