New Years Resolutions

Students thoughts about New Years resolutions

by Payal Mugunda, Reporter

New Year’s resolutions offer an opportunity for people to set a goal they hope to achieve in the coming year. These goals cover a wide range of subjects, from academics to exercise. While some people don’t actually achieve these goals, making a New Year’s resolution is still a well-known tradition.

This year, according to a poll of LHS students, roughly 70% of students have made a resolution this year. Of these, a third were about improving grades, some focused on people’s outlook on life and others were about their hobbies or their health.

Senior Nathan Martin made a resolution to improve his grades before graduation.

“In the past, I never pushed myself,” Martin said. “I told myself that C’s were passing and that’s all that matters. Well, I now realize that I should have pushed myself more. I made a resolution to finish the year with all B’s and walk the stage feeling proud that I finished high school out strong.”

Freshman Mark Haggberg gave advice to people making resolutions.

“New Year’s resolutions only work if you stick to them,” Haggberg said. “If you don’t, it’s useless. You have to go through with it to make it count.”

While the majority of students made resolutions, junior Kelsey Brower said that New Year’s resolutions are unnecessary.

“New Year’s resolutions don’t do anything,” Brower said. “Nothing changed from December 31st to January 1st. If you want to get something done just do it.”

However, freshman Lalith sree Guthula said New Year’s resolutions motivate people to reach their goals.

“New Year’s resolutions are just the same old goals we set any other day, [but] with an extra title,” Guthula said. “that one title empowers many to do the things they want, but [that] they wouldn’t do for any old goal.”