Baseball starts out swinging


Matthew Grissom

Senior Jacob Potter waiting for the game to start. He plays first base for the lions.

by Matthew Grissom, Staff Writer

The boys varsity team played McCallum on Tuesday. The score was not kept due to it only being a scrimmage and the game was 18 innings long. Every single pitcher for the Lions pitched at least one inning. The standout hit of the night was by junior Brandon Manley who had a triple during the game.

“It feels good to go out there again and pitch again,” junior Brandon Manley said. “We all did our jobs tonight when we were fielding on the field and when we were hitting.”

Junior Clay Martin led the defense as the catcher through most of the night. Stand out pitchers for the night were senior Joel Miller and junior Dayton Smith. The infield was motivated and led by senior Jacob Potter, who plays first base.

“Even though it was a long night,” junior Mark Grissom said. “We were all pleased on how we performed against the other team tonight. We knew that they were going to be very good and we were already motivated by that.”

According to Head Coach Matt Grissom, all the coaches were very pleased in how the team played. All the pitchers performed very well, the defense was all around very good making clutch plays when the time need be, and had a few stand out hits.

“Overall, we did very well,” Coach Grissom said. “Defense was overall solid the entire night, we just need to knock of a little rust on our hitting, then we will be a very solid baseball team, easily making it to the playoffs.”