Lions win one, lose one against Cedar Park


Danielle Bell

Senior Isaiah Martinez tagging a Cedar Park player out at Cedar Park. A crucial play for the Lions that night.

The Lions played their rivals across the road, the Cedar Park Timberwolves to try and fight for a playoff spot in the future. The team played their first game on Tuesday night at Cedar Park but due to weather conditions, the game was replayed the next night. Then, the Lions played the Timberwolves again on Saturday at the Diamond at Leander. While the week didn’t go as planned, according to head coach Matt Grissom, the coaches were still pleased on how the week turned out in the end.

The first game at Cedar Park ended in defeat with the final score being 4-3. Senior Cameron Castillo threw several strikeouts. However, due to some game changing errors in the middle of the game, the Lions could not hold to a victory. Castillo hit a double early in the game. The team also had less than five strikeouts throughout the entire night.

“We need to push this game in the past,” senior Seth Minter said after the first game. “We can’t let this loss keep us down when we play Cedar Park again.”

The Lions did play Cedar Park again, this time the Lions pulled through in the end with the final score being 4-2. Senior Joel Miller was on the mound again that night and with saves from his infield, the Lions were able to hold onto a victory. Key plays were from senior Seth Minter, junior JJ Larson and senior Trey Roberts. 

We performed excellent through the entire night.

— Matt Grissom

“We performed excellent through the entire night,” Head Coach Matt Grissom said. “We did what we have been doing all through winter training, through all our practices and that gave us the ability to go out there and get us a victory tonight.”

The Lions play Marble Falls all next week first on Tuesday, at home, then at Marble Falls. Both games are at 7.