Freshman teams take on Marble Falls

by Matthew Grissom, Staff Writer

The Red and Blue teams traveled to Marble Falls. They both played well and they brought school pride to their team.

The Red team never gave up until the end, but they lost with a score of 8-6. The  offensive-line was lead by center Christian Schubert and tight end Josh Rude. Quarter back Christain Jones and running back  Jacob Alexander led the other offensive players.

The defense held the line almost the entire game and was led by defensive tackle Brandon Muster and corner back Aden Reams. They scored their first touchdown in the first half but lost in the last quarter.

“The entire team played well,” Coach Sturgell said. “Both offense and defense did well and improved a lot more then the last game. We need to just work on moving the ball a little bit more, and we’ll win the next game.”

The Blue team played and dominated the Mustangs with a final score of 33-0. The offense was on the top the entire game. Quaterback Coltin Davis ran a 60-yard touchdown and running back Alex Williams scored 2 touchdowns.

The defense for the blue team killed the Marble Falls offense and refused to give any points. They were led by defensive tackle Jeremy Kracy.

“The blue team played fantastic,” Coach Sturgell said. “They dominated in offense and defense and played their hearts out.”

They play Eastview next time at Bible Stadium on the October 23.