JV visits Eastview Georgetown


Caleb Gonzaba

JV team walking in after game

by Matthew Grissom, Staff Writer

This week the JV football team played against Eastview Georgetown.

The Red team played first and came out victorious with a score of 22-20. The offense was led by sophomores quarterback Kyle Irlbeck, running back Gabriel Warren, and offensive-linemen Brandon Menley. The defense held their own against their opponents, led by sophomore defensive lineman Andrew Garnett. Both offense and defense did their parts well, and it resulted in a win for the Red team.

“We played as a team, and we left nothing on the field,” sophomore tight end Mark Grissom said. “We have no regrets.”

The Blue team played well, too, but came out short with a score of 20-6. The offense was led by sophomore quarterback Garrett Parcell. Even though they were down the entire game, Parcell was always there to get his teammates on their feet.

“[Parcell] is always there and never gives up,” sophomore Cody Spohn said.

The defense played hard too, and they didn’t give up until the final buzzer went off.

“Both teams played well,” Coach Grissom said. “We never gave up, and we improved a lot more than last week.”

Next game will be against Vista Ridge at Bible Stadium, and the first game will be at 5:30.