Video Game Review: Star Wars Battlefront


Dave Iskra via Flickr CC

A bunch of stormtrooper playing video games. In the game players can play as rebels or imperials.

by Matthew Grissom, Staff Writer

With the Christmas season rolling around, the most anticipated games of this year are being released to the general public. It’s actually really hard to decide what to get and and what to wait on until Christmas. Since I’m a die hard Star Wars fan, and I have pretty much seen and played all the games, I got Star Wars Battlefront. I will give this game 3 out of 5 stars.

 Regarded  as one of the most popular Star Wars games of all time by fans and critics alike, The original Battlefront came out in 2004 while its sequel came out in 2005. There was a lot of hype and excitement for whatever was next and fans had to wait 10 years for the third installment in the series. Even though that I was expecting a lot more and kinda disappointed in some regards.

Right off the bat, there is no single player campaign. These are the same people who make the Battlefield games and while their stories aren’t ground breaking, at least they’re there. Also no Clone Wars. It literally feels like major parts of this game have been stripped out and will be sold to fans later because they can. There is some missions you can do and a survival mode where you and a friend can play against each other, but I beat all these modes with my brother in 45 minutes. I know because the mission tells you how long you took and that’s how long it took me. Whoever thought this was a good idea at DICE, the company who made this game, knows that if you just slap the name Star Wars in the cover, people like me will be like “shut up and take my money.”

 What the game really shines in is its multiplayer. There are over 15 game modes and they are all very fun to play. One team plays as the empire and the other plays as the rebels. It can be as simple as wiping out the other team to capturing the enemy escape pods and taking out Imperial walkers. They are all a lot of fun, and my favorite one of them all is probably fighter squadron were you get to take to the skies and fight against enemy starfighters. Another great is when you and a friend can play as the most famous Star Wars characters and battle it out on 4 different planets. For the rebels you have Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, and Princess Leia. For the Empire you play as Lord Vader, The Emperor, and Boba Fett. They all bring something new to their play styles. While Luke and Vader use the same weapon, a lightsaber, their force abilities are completely different. While Luke can push opponents or do a very quick dash, Vader throws his lightsaber and he uses force choke which chokes your enemy. While some are better then others, I still like and appreciate all the effort they put into multiplayer.

 Even though I praised the heroes, and the graphics are one of the best I’ve seen on the PS4, It still didn’t excuse the lack of a single player and story as a hole multiplayer was great and also the music and sounds are also fantastic, the game just misses on too many things that makes it just okay.