Lights, camera, New York City, action


by Matthew Grissom, Staff Writer

Through the entire school year, Leander has given the spotlight to our Blue Belles, ball players, and even teachers. There are some students that deserve the spotlight that haven’t got it yet; one of those students is Zane Hudson. Hudson is a senior that has won multiple awards, nominations, and won a scholarship to the New York Film Academy.

At a very young age, Hudson loved music and he wanted to originally want to be a rock star.

“It’s all performing. I’ve always like to entertain people and performing on stage was a big part of that. I realized that theater had the same awards as music and its the same type of drive.” Hudson said.

When he went to middle school, Hudson discovered his talent, acting. Through his acting career in middle and high school, he made it all the way to area and has won the award as the best actor in in the region. Due to his success as a great actor, he was given a scholarship to the New York Film Academy. Originally, Hudson wanted to go to Texas State. Later, he decided to go to New York instead and pursue his passion there.

“At first, I was worried about financial problems and being far away,” Hudson said. “But after talking to my parents and considering everything, I decided to take a chance and follow my dreams.”

Above all things, Hudson is just happy to pursue his dream as an actor. He originally wanted to go to Texas State because it was a fantastic school, but he wanted to go where no one in Leander has gone before.

“I’m not saying when I’ll get famous,” Hudson said. “Knowing that I’m already there already achieves my goal in life. I’ve never been more elated. I’ve dream my entire childhood for this and I’m ready for this.”