Club Spotlight: Rotary Club

Club prepares to help the community


Matthew Grissom

The certificate for the Rotary Club. The president of the club is senior Parker McCoy.

The Rotary Club was founded by junior Connor Evans last year, who was also the president at the time. Rotary Club is where people help out the community in any way they can. The original club was founded in 1905 by a man named Paul P. Harris. Since then, the club has had more than 1.2 million members join. With the year just beginning, a new president and officers were elected by the club about 2 weeks ago.

President- senior Parker McCoy

Vice President- senior Jason McCall

Secretary- senior Chelsea Robinson

Treasurer- senior Trey Roberts

Sgt. at arms- senior Ej Olivo

Recruitment committee chairman- senior Hailey Evans

Recruitment committee vice chairman- senior Paige Hoelscher

Media committee chairman- senior Samantha Galloway

Media committee vice chairman- junior Mia Quintana

“I’m glad I got this opportunity to show leadership in this club and I can’t wait to start doing things with not only the rest of the officers, but the other members as well.” vice president Jason McCall said.

The club doesn’t have any plans yet to do anything currently due to the year just starting, but they plan to have events and public projects to help out the community. For those interested in joining the Rotary Club, go to room 1217 on Thursdays after school.

“I like all the new officers,” Club member Jared Cano said. “They all want to take the club in a brand new direction and it’s really exciting to know that we will actually start doing events soon.”