Cast list released for ‘Anything Goes’


Austin Graham

Board in front of the theatre room displaying Anything Goes. This is where updates and information is placed for the cast and crew.

by Austin Grahm, Assistant Editor

Auditions ended last week for the annual musical, this year’s is Anything Goes. The cast list was released the day they ended. The musical takes place on a cruise ship where a young wallstreet broker, Billy Crocker, falls for a woman named Hope Harcourt who is on the ship heading to England to be married to a rich englishman, Lord Evelyn Oakley.

“I’m really excited to start working on our show
Anything Goes,” junior Nick Davila said. “I think that all the people that got cast in the roles they did are going to do a great job. We’re gonna get good work done. I’m really excited to put forth the effort to make this show they best I can and I know this is gonna be a great show.”

The cast has rehearsal every Monday-Thursday after school from 4-7. Whenever January begins, Fridays are added and rehearsals sometimes will last until 11. Their rehearsals are separated into vocals, dance, and then blocking.

“My junior year, I went to go see Anything Goes at a local theater, and fell in love with it,” senior Annika Lowe said. “Hope Harcourt become a little dream role of mine, so being given the chance to play her my senior year of high school is a huge deal. I can’t wait to spend the next few months surrounded by such talented, supportive and experienced people.”

The performances will not begin until January. There will be four of them on the dates January 21-24. Tickets can be bought online closer to the performance or at the show.