Blue Belles begin new year with ‘Metamorphosis’

Newcomers work with veterans on introduction routines


Jack Densmore

The Blue Belles practiced with and without the hats and boots. They also practiced many dances that will appear during sport events.

The Blue Belles dance team started their Metamorphosis camp this week to prepare for the new school year. The camp lasted for four days, and focused on a number of different dance routines.

“It’s the training we do to be ready for the beginning of the year,” junior Shelby Davison said. “It’s to improve our team and make us stronger and better than how we started out.”

The camp starts out with a series of warm up stretches, and then the veterans train the other Blue Belles through a series of different dances. They practice pep rally and football game dances.

“The camp helps us get a lot more done,” Davison said. “And have a more dedicated and hard working team.”

During camp, they practice some routines with boots and hats, and some without. They also practiced with pom-poms. They have also been practicing their first football game routine, Get it On, which is the team introduction routine.

“My favorite things about Metamorphosis was probably practicing the routines as a team,” sophomore Jenna Abadie said. “It got me so excited to dance with them during football season.”

Getting used to the other teammates has been a great experience.”

— Jenna Abadie

The camp also let the ‘newbies’ work with veterans on different routines. Abadie said this helped her prepare for the new year.

“Getting used to the other teammates has been a great experience,” Abadie said. “They are a great group of girls that are warm hearted and fun to be around. The amount of practice and work that is involved in blue belles is a lot, but in the end I know it helps us with out performances and let’s us grow as a team.”