Hanging Up the Hat


by Siandhara Bonnet, Editor-in-Chief

After weeks of rehearsal, A Hatful of Rain cast and crew are hanging up their hats and drying their boots, competition season is over.

The journey ended at the Area competition at Hendrickson High School in Pflugerville.

“We had a whole bunch of rehearsals” junior Elias Martinez said. “We had an opera rehearsal, which we’ve never done before, we had very few normal rehearsals.”

On the day of competition, the cast and crew were relatively calm, even though they were first in the line up.

“For me, I felt it was one of my strongest performances,” Martinez said. “We had no mistakes, the show went smoothly…it was a good show, it was a solid show.”

On stage, and off, cast and crew drew energy from each other.

“I used the energy from my cast members Zane Hudson, Kade Ferguson, and Cole Walker to propel me to that [character’s] kind of emotion,” junior Nico Champion said. “We would stay in character a lot off stage.”

Despite this upset, the cast and crew are not disappointed.

“It definitely hurts and it was hard,” Champion said, “[but I know that] I can still have aspiration and goals.”