Thespian troupe goes to Texas Thespian Festival

IEs advance, Linda Major placed in Thespian Hall of Fame


Courtesy of Linda Major

Troupe 5232 at the end of convention. Linda Major is standing in the middle of the crowd and holding her award for being inducted into the Thespian Hall of Fame.

by Austin Graham, Assistant Editor

Thespian troupe 5232 recently took a trip to the Omni hotel and convention center in Dallas for the 2015 Texas thespian festival.

“Texas Thespian Convention is an amazing opportunity available to theatre kids where they can represent their school, compete, watch plays and musicals and take educational workshops that really further their skills in the theatre craft,” senior Annika Lowe said. “This year I represented LHS in the Solo Musical Competition, which is something I love preparing for. Getting the opportunity to develop my musical skills is incomparable and this year my hard work helped me advance to the National round in June 2016.”

The students have to perform in an independent event(IE) while at the convention. They range from group, duet and solo musical/acting, team mask making and many other technical events. Six of troupe 5232’s IE’s advanced to nationals, and director Linda Major was elected into the Thespian Hall of Fame.

“It was a complete surprise and honor to be valued by your peers and students,” Major said. “I was most appreciative.”

The students are also offered the opportunity to attend a variety of workshops that teach them how to do things like special effects makeup, work on their musical singing, acting, and almost every other imaginable aspect of the theatrical world.

“I got to learn so many new things like how to prepare an audition and how to swing dance,” junior Lydia Singleton said. “I’m so proud of our troupe and all the hard work they put into their events. I can’t wait til’ next year.”