The Roar

Album review: ‘Divide’

by Bri Branscomb, Assistant Editor

March 9, 2017

Singer song-writer Ed Sheeran’s latest album, provided listeners with 16 new folk-pop songs to listen to, each with sincere messages. The detail and execution put into each song as well as the departure from his usual love b...

Beasts of No Nation Review

by Kyle Gehman, Editor-In-Chief

February 21, 2017

A child being forced to chop a man's head with a machete, ritualistic beatings, children being taught how to fire weapons, and drugs being the answer for rape. Beasts of No Nation is a Netflix Original Film, which shows all of...

Served in a traditional Iwachu teapot with the house hot tea, small touches bring culture into the modern space.

Restaurant Review: Shabu

January 18, 2017

Movie Review: Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

by Austin Graham, Assistant Editor

December 20, 2016

When you’re making a puzzle, getting to the end and finding out that there is one piece missing can be extremely aggravating, but finding it is a huge relief. Rogue One is that missing puzzle piece to the “Star Wars” serie...

The book is inspired by Zlatan Ibrahimović and written by David Lagercrantz. It is an autobiography about the famous Swedish soccer player.

Book review: I Am Zlatan

November 28, 2016

Entertainment review: House of Torment

by Kyle Gehman, Editor-In-Chief

October 18, 2016

The House of Torment is a popular Halloween activity here in Austin that has begun to grow in popularity and fame around the nation due to it’s scary monsters and haunted houses. The haunted house through it’s intense costuming...

Entertainment Review: TopGolf

by Kyle Gehman, Assistant Editor

May 27, 2016

TopGolf is a golfing entertainment complex located around the world with the nearest one being situated in the Domain. As well as tee off spots, they also have pool, a bar and a delicious menu. TopGolf receives a 4 out of 5. TopGolf...

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