A picture’s worth a thousand ‘Words’

2017-2018 yearbook finalized, able to purchase


Lauren Pohl

This year’s yearbook theme is ‘Words.’ The theme is meant to reflect the different ways that the student body represents themselves.

by Bri Branscomb, Assistant Editor


The LHS Yearbook Staff The Lair has been hard at work on this years’ book ‘Words.’ This edition highlights the voices of the student body by focusing on a single word to encapsulate them and showcases some of the best memories of the year.

“Having a yearbook is important because years from now when your life is much different than it is now, you’ll be able to look back on all the good times you had in high school,” senior Julian Atkinson said. “Getting to collect people’s experiences and memories from an entire year of school was a fun experience. It taught me all of the different types of lives people lead.”

Last year, The Lair was recognized by yearbook publishing company Balfour as one of the best books of 2017. They also were awarded the title of NSPA All-American with five marks of distinction, an ILPC award of distinguished merit, and were a CSPA gold medalist.

“[As a first-year staffer], it was a lot of pressure to keep up the distinguished honor that last years book has,” sophomore Hannah Twining said.  “I really like the vibes that this [years’] book has. It’s the simplicity of the design that draws the visual eye. It brings in the elegance of the cover that’s constant throughout every page.”

Yearbooks are available for pre-order currently and will be distributed in mid-May. The current price for a yearbook is $70. You can purchase a yearbook here.

“Every word has a meaning, and it’s the context in which you put the word in that gives it the significance that it deserves,” Editor-in-Chief Crimson Scott said. “Most experiences can be summed up in one word, to keep it short and sweet. So, to be able to look back and see a simplified word that has so much meaning behind it in the context of one event can help people remember what happened in the halls of the lion’s den.”