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Hi! My name’s Bri Branscomb, and this is my fourth year on staff for The Roar and first year as Editor in Chief. I’m very proud of the material we produce, and am excited to get to spend another year with all my fellow staffers! When I’m not working on newspaper, I can usually be found on stage for theatre rehearsals or looking for something I’ve lost (It happens a lot). I’m excited to be a part of the voice of LHS and will do my best to represent what our school is about. If you’re looking for me, follow the trail of loud laughter, a mess, or look for the purple hair.

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Genetic games

November 8, 2018

Come all ‘Ye faithful

November 8, 2018
'Venom' is the titular characters first solo film from Sony Pictures.

Movie Review: Venom

October 24, 2018
Quarterback Rashad Carter (5) receives play from the sidelines.

[PHOTO] Raider Riots

September 27, 2018

Making a movement

February 28, 2018
Halloween often brings frightening features and scary cinema. For the more lighthearted, there are some halloween classics, like Hocus Pocus, which will get you in the spooky spirit without scaring you witless.

Frightless films

October 30, 2017

Lend a helping hand

September 10, 2017
Students can find what classes they are exempt from by locating their ID on the list outside the library. They must have an 80 or higher average in the class, and less than 6 absences per period.

Finals fiasco

May 28, 2017

Not an anomaly

April 30, 2017

A hateful heritage

April 30, 2017

Party with the Peeps

April 10, 2017

Pepsi Problems

April 7, 2017

Nominating nobility

April 7, 2017
Senior Clay Martin slides into home to score against St. Dominic's. They went on to win 13-3.

Right off the bat

March 3, 2017
Valentine's Day is the day of love, but not everyone has a romantic relationship to celebrate. In lieu of the traditional date, you could do things like spend time with your friends or volunteer in your community.

What to do without a boo

February 13, 2017
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