Teach em how to say goodbye

Looking back on Obama’s achievements as President

As Obama’s last term has come to a close, the nation finds that it must say goodbye to its 44th president. He has accomplished many things during his presidency, and created a change in American culture as a whole. In reflection of these achievements, the population can look back on the most impactful and important things that have taken place over the past eight years.

  1. Improving LGBTQ+ Rights

Obama has made monumental strides to increase the equality and rights of members of the LGBTQ+ community during his term. He has fought to increase opportunities and justice for all Americans regardless of who they love or what they identify as. Obama repealed the ‘Don’t Ask Don’t Tell’ policy, which allows men and women who serve to be open about their sexual orientation without any negative repercussions. The legalization of gay marriage offered same-sex couples the protections and benefits that marriage entails, and started the ball rolling for a culture of widespread acceptance across America. While many severe prejudices still need to be overcome, the President clearly set a precedent and example for all the American people. He has also since created policy that would require all public schools and government buildings in the nation to allow people to attend the bathroom of their gender-orientation. While many states have taken action against this to further block the rights of the transgender community, this too put forth a message to the population to learn to accept and respect all people and their rights.

  1. Set an unprecedented example for black Americans

The President has always and will always represent our country and the people living in it. Before 2008, this representative tended to have one similarity. He was always white. Though there is still progress to be made, Obama has been one of the most influential people in the nation for the past eight years. He has shown young black individuals, myself included, that they can be successful and given them a positive image to follow. While Obama was an exceptional president regardless of race, the fact that he is black sends an important and needed message to African-Americans everywhere: The country is changing. While there is still blatant racism, having the face of our nation be one of color meant the world to the black community.

  1. Lessened Unemployment

During Obama’s term as President, unemployment has dropped drastically, and more than nine million jobs have been created. This is remarkable considering the devastating effect that the Great Recession had on the economy. Obama is handing off now President Donald Trump an improving economy, something that rarely happens as the presidency changes.

  1. Improved the image of the country

Obama has served longer than any president within decades without having a major scandal, something extremely noteworthy after the Guantanamo Bay torture scandal of the Bush administration. His diplomatic efforts have improved our standing with various countries, and kept us out of wars by refusing to aid either side.

  1. Helped end Veterans Homelessness

At the end of 2009, Obama administration announced its intention to effectively eradicate Veteran Homelessness during its term. Since then, their promise has seemed to hold strong as Veteran homelessness has dropped to 50% of it’s original number since 2010. Several communities have stated that they have completely gotten rid of veteran homelessness with the partnering of the Obama Administration, including Houston and New Orleans.
Obama has made great strides in our country, and his legacy will live on for many years to come. His achievements have shaped the culture of our nation in many ways for the positive, and he should be remembered as a great leader and great man. Thank you, former President Obama, for all you did for this country. Your dedication will not be forgotten.