Seniors say goodbye

The class of 2017 gives parting advice to underclassmen


Crimson Scott

The seniors of 2017 have plenty of high school experiences to have learned from. They will graduate June 3 at 7pm at the Cedar Park Center.

by Bri Branscomb, Assistant Editor

High school can be an interesting time. It’s filled with ups and downs; of homework and stressful tests; old friends that can disappear and new ones that pop up; and of learning, and taking the first steps towards adulthood. By the time students finish their senior year, they’ve learned all this and more. Here are some words of wisdom from our departing class of 2017.

  1. Senior year is NOT your easiest year


“Push for the other three years. You’ll thank yourself later. Do dual credit, and makeup any quizzes you fail because it will most likely be on the test. Your teachers are there to help you, so go in for tutorials too.” – Nicole Gilbert


  1. Get to know your counselors

“They really do become your best friends, and it works to your advantage. Also make sure to visit the college coach. She’s so helpful, especially when applying for college scholarships.” – Ivetta Jean Louis


  1. It’s the start of your future

“Senior year is really the year where you need to get your stuff together. You need to decide what you’re going to do with life; if you’re going to do college, signing up for scholarships, finishing your testing. It’s your last chance to get things right.” – Christian Mouton

“If you want to do well later in life, the first step is high school.” – Patrick Wilbanks


  1. Make friends

“Talk to people more. The worst feeling is getting close with someone at the end of your senior year and having no time left with them.” – Evan Hays


  1. Make Connections

“It’s not what you know, it’s who you know. Nobody is going to want to give you a job or opportunity if all you are is just a smart person. It matters that you have connections to things bigger than yourself.” – Malcolm-Wright Harris