Lions pitch in for a string of wins

JV bounces back


Crimson Scott

The JV team broke even with Cedar Park, and went on to win both games against Marble Falls. JV Red lost both games to Cedar Park, but came back to beat Marble at both games.

by Bri Branscomb, Staff Writer

The JV Lions baseball team played Cedar Park last week. JV Red lost both games, the first with a score of 18-3, and the second with a score of 16-1. There was a slight drizzle during the games, slightly impairing the boys ability to play well, according to JV Red coach Zach Weikert.


“[This is] a good group of guys who have a lot of potential,” Weikert said. “They will need to continue to work hard to get better. We have a chance to win some games in the upcoming weeks.”


The boys struggled to make plays that would have put them in the lead, according to the coaches. The results of the games were both losses, but the boys were ready to make a comeback, and beat Marble Falls at their next sets of games with scores of 15-0 and 16-0.

“It felt really good to come back and win after losing to [Cedar Park],” freshman Ethan Rosenberg said. “I really hope we’re able to keep that up and go win our next ones.”

JV Blue lost their home game against Cedar Park with a score of 13-2. They went on to win the away game with a score of 2-0. Standouts from the games were Mason Montgomery and Alex Young, according to the players.

We’ve worked really hard this season and it’s showing with our scores

— Jared Cano

“I’m really proud of how we played,” sophomore Jared Cano said. “We’ve all been working hard for this and it’s nice to see how it’s paid off.”

JV Blue then won their games against Marble Falls with scores of 10-0 and 8-1 The team worked together to get several runs on the Mustangs, while making sure Marble didn’t get any runs on them. Standouts from the night were junior Matthew Grissom, who pitched, and sophomore Alex Williams, who played third and made key hits, and sophomore Joel Rios.

“It felt really good to beat them,” Montgomery said. “It broke our even record and led to us having a winning streak, which is really cool.”  

The next games were played against East View. JV Blue won both games with scores of 6-1 and 12-2. Standout players were sophomore Jared Cano, who accumulated a surplus of base hits, and sophomore Jake Ellis, who played first base.

“It felt great to beat them,” Cano said. “We’ve worked really hard this season and it’s showing with our scores.”

JV Red won their games against Eastiew with scores from both games of 14-4.

“We’ve had our ups and downs throughout the season,” freshman Hudson Ruen said. “It feels good to be winning, and hopefully we keep that up.”

Next JV lost one and won one. JV Blue won 4-1 and Red lost 4-5 against Vista Ridge.

“We almost came back in the last inning,” freshman JV Red player Rylee Harwell said.

The next games will be played against Dripping Springs. The first game will be against JV Blue at home, starting at 7pm.