Lend a helping hand

How to help communities heal in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey

by Bri Branscomb and Logan Griffin

Hurricane Harvey was a devastating storm that hit the Texas coast on August 25. It hit residential areas situated near the coast and resulted in massive flooding in these areas that destroyed entire towns. This has led to thousands of displaced people who have lost their homes, belongings and businesses. In the wake of this storm, help is needed in these areas. Here are some things victims of the storm find themselves in need of, and how you can contribute to this cause.

  1. School Supplies

The flooding caused by the hurricane left many students unable to purchase new supplies for the upcoming school year. LISD has partnered with LEEF to offer a way for locals to help fix this problem. All donations will go towards buying supplies for kids in the gulf area. The minimum donation amount is $10, and you can see what this contribution may specifically be used for by clicking the link provided.

  1. Diapers

As the mass flooding has destroyed even the smallest of belongings, many parents find themselves unable to provide the necessities for their children. The Texas Diaper bank will be accepting donations to be used for “everyday giving”, including providing children and  families with these basic, but important, items. Save the Children is also providing child care items, including strollers and cribs.

  1. Food

For Texans in the gulf area the access to food has been scarce. Local businesses and grocery stores have had to deplete stock, shelter, and possibly evacuate because of Harvey. While companies are now working on restocking food and other resources due to the economic disparage caused by Harvey many families may not have the financial stability to feed themselves. Here is an infographic on how to possibly donate any forms of food or other physical necessities from Feeding Texas.

  1. Water

As the floods have broken many water systems, many areas are left without an uncontaminated source to drink from. The Salvation Army will be working to provide bottled water as well as food to disaster victims.  

  1. Volunteering

There is a wide range of opportunities to assist in relief. You can apply for government efforts for disaster relief here. Harvey relief has state officials in an even greater need of assistance.

  1. Money

A simple $10 can go a long ways towards helping facilitate healing in these damaged communities. There are several ways to give online, including donating to organizations such as the Greater Houston Community Foundation,  and Global Giving. For a more comprehensive list of groups such as these, click here.

While the storm has drawn to a close, the impact and destruction it has left, has not. These people’s needs will only increase as time moves on. Please, consider donating today to help lead to a brighter future for those displaced by this tragic event.