Meet the Members of Midsummer

This years annual fall show has been cast


Bri Branscomb

The cast of Midsummer is in the rehearsal process. The show will debut October 17.

by Erin McSorley, Staff Writer

The theater department introduced their annual fall show: A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Leander’s production of the show held auditions in August and the cast was officially announced Thursday, August 30.

“I absolutely adore Shakespeare,” Senior Caroline Holmes said. “I am super excited to share my own love for Shakespeare with the rest of the cast!”

I’m excited to grow as an actor in a very difficult show and to work with everyone else

— Adam Romer

The classic comedy follows four lovers in a woods just outside of Athens, Greece. Two of them, Hermia and Lysander, are running from an arranged marriage. Hermia, portrayed by senior Katherine Pizer, is to marry Demetrius, portrayed by senior Ethan Payne. Helena, portrayed by Holmes, throws herself into the mix by unwantedly chasing her love Demetrius out into the woods.

“[Demetrius] goes from running away from Helena to falling head over heels for her,” Payne said. “I love [his] dynamic range.”

Along the way, amidst a lovers’ quarrel, the wedded rulers of the fairies try their hands at meddling in the lives of the mortals on the run. Oberon, portrayed by junior Anthony Yunger, as the king of the fairies orders his apprentice to enchant his wife to fall in love with him again. The apprentice Puck, portrayed by sophomore Adam Romer, follows these orders, though they don’t quite go according to plan.

“I’m excited to grow as an actor in a very difficult show and to work with everyone else,” Romer said. “I enjoy all the athleticism needed for Puck.”.

The finished product will be presented as a dessert-theatre style performance this October 17-20. Ticket prices have yet to be announced.