Capturing our campus


Lauren Pohl

The yearbook is a student publication that encapsulates how the school year was spent. This year’s theme, ‘Now is Our Time,’ was meant to capture the student spirit of the Leander Lions.

by Bri Branscomb, Assistant Editor

This school years’ yearbook has finally arrived, as hundreds of expectant students have lined up in the atrium during lunch periods this week to retrieve their precious red-bound book. The theme for the publication, ‘This is our time’, aims to show how the students at the school have shone this school cycle.

“I’m excited, as this was my first book to help create,” adviser Lindsey Alley said. “I was able to learn so much as it was my first year, and I hope the students like it.”

The yearbook features nearly every club and organization at the school, and offers a glimpse into what student-life is actually like. The yearbook staff has worked on this publication for the duration of the year, spending several hours attending school events in order to be able to capture the moments that made this year stand out.

“It could be stressful sometimes,” junior Lauren Pohl said. “It was a learning experience, and I was able to better myself. I’m excited about next year, where I’ll be able to help cultivate next year’s publication as an editor.”

The yearbook staff began circulating the books on May 16, and books will be available through the last day of school. Students can pick up their previously ordered books in room 2320. Students who wish to buy a yearbook can do so with cash or a card at the same location, though it is not guaranteed that every student who has not previously paid will be able to acquire one.
“It was really nice being the management editor,” senior Christian Mouton. “The majority of our staff this year was completely new, so it was [interesting] to teach them the ropes, and see how their unique relationships meshed together to help create our book.”