Album Review: Welcome Home by Zac Brown Band

Last five songs released

by Kyle Gehman, Editor-In-Chief

Zac Brown Band released the final five songs of their ten song album, “Welcome Home”, last Friday. This second half of the album gets 4 out of 5 stars.

The aim of this album was for the band to go back to it’s traditional country melody and music that made them famous to start. The first five songs did a good job of this, while at the same time also appealing to the mainstream fanbase. The second half part of the album does is a little more sporadic of music style. They have a duet, three more country styles with a hint of fast beats from the last album and also a beach setting type of song commonly found in their album, “You Get What You Give”.

While these songs don’t necessarily this promise to return to their roots, it is alright because they already fulfilled this with the first half of the album. This second half gives it some diversity while also appealing to a large variety of audiences. Songs like “Long Haul” and “2 Places At 1 Time” give listeners the typical Zac Brown Band feeling that it is a relaxing summer afternoon. However, “Start Over” gives the classic chilling at the beach feeling that the band is well known for.

Overall I think the album is very successful. It returns the band to their roots of music making while also appealing to the rest of their new fan base. The songs range from a variety of topics but most involve their familiar, family, being in love and hanging on the beach all of which can be relatable to people.

The album, “Welcome Home”, is a great album for country music fans and people who enjoy good acoustic sing along music with passionate lyrics. The album is currently available for $10.99 on iTunes.