CUBS ON CAMPUS: Lisbeth Tellez-Briones

A day in the life of a Leander student.


Arielle Shaver

Sophomore Lili Tellez tells us what it’s like to be a Lion

by Arie Shaver, Staffer

Lisbeth Tellez-Briones is a sophomore here at Leander High. We stopped her in class to ask her a few questions about what it’s like to be a Lion.

Q: Do you have pets? If so what type and what is their name?
A: I have a mixed chihuahua and [her] name is Buggers.

Q: Are you involved in any club or sports?
A: I’m currently involved in the FFA. I didn’t really choose it, but it was one of those classes that if I didn’t get into the class I wanted to take I’d be put in that one. [However,] I like FFA and now I’m taking floral design which is my second year in FFA now.

Q: What is your favorite sonic drink?
A: My favorite sonic drink would have to be the cherry and lemon slushie.

Q: What book should everyone read and why?
A: Esperanza Rising. It’s about a girl who loses all her wealth and becomes grateful of everything she has and students need to learn to be grateful of everything they have.

Q: Who’s your favorite teacher and why?
A: Coach Driver is definitely one of my favorite teachers. She’s independent, [she] also did her own online courses to get a higher degree which was pretty cool and I look up to that.

Q: If you ran the school, what’s one thing you would change?

A: I would change how pride time is only two days of the week. I believe it should be every single day like it was last year. I also think we should be allowed to go off campus for lunch so that we can get good food of our choice.

Q: What’s one word that describes you?
A: Determined.

Q: What’s one word to describe your music playlist?
A: Diverse. I usually listen to spanish music and I also listen to a little bit of rap and a little bit of pop in english. So my playlist is just a whole bunch of music in spanish and english.

Q: What’s something you’re not afraid to admit?
A: That I actually put an effort in to get good grades. I’ll do my work and whatever I can to get the best grades I can. I’m trying so hard not to procrastinate this year.

Q: What is something you can’t live without?
A: I can’t live without my faith in God and all my beliefs.

Q: What is your biggest difference from last year?
A: I guess the biggest difference is being single this year. Last year I was in a relationship for a really long time and now that I’m single [I] have to be more independent.

Q: What’s something you’re obsessed with?
A: I’m obsessed with Ozuna, Reik, and Maluma. They’re spanish artists. Reik is going to come to Cedar Park so I’m really excited to see him.