Time dedicated to a greater purpose

Student volunteers at, attends church


Lyn Cheely

Junior Jacob Dellinger volunteers and goes to the The Ridge Fellowship church. He participates in the choir and the Children’s Ministry.

Many students feel both excited and relieved in anticipation of the coming weekend’s events; parties, sleepovers, plays, roadtrips. They will participate in after-school activities such as sports, art classes, and self-defense classes. These hours of freedom will be dedicated to self improvement and relaxation.

However, junior Jacob Dellinger’s excitement regarding the weekend stems from his eagerness to participate in activities that he connects to on another level- those related to his significant involvement within his church, The Ridge Fellowship. Dellinger’s love for God, and his family’s participation in the church resulted in his devotion to church activities, including that of the Children’s Ministry and the choir. His father, Bob Dellinger, is a Youth and Teaching Pastor (in addition to being an event and program coordinator for The Ridge Fellowship), and his mother and siblings are heavily involved in the choir, and food/clothing drives hosted by the church.

My goal in working with the church is to open people’s hearts to God

— Jacob Dellinger

“I like to sing in the choir, usually every couple of weeks or so,” Dellinger said. “Sometimes the entire choir will sing together for an event or holiday, and other times it’s just a few of us singing before or after sermons.”

In addition to singing in the choir, Dellinger works to educate his peers in their biblical studies, and promote fundraisers within the Children’s Ministry.

“Almost every week I work with the Children’s ministry, and we do a lot of different things,” Dellinger said. “We play games and participate in activities and fundraisers, especially the December Christmas Drive that we have extended to obtain food, clothing, and other items for the homeless and others that need them.”

Dellinger believes that while his personal enlightenment and growth is important, he has another purpose; to serve others in addition to his family and friends, and enable them to grow as well.

“My goal in working with the church is to open people’s hearts to God,” Dellinger said. “I want others to know the Bible, and know of it’s teachings.”