AP classes help students for the future

Testing dates for AP draws closer


Kyle Gehman

AP stands for Advanced Placement. It is run by College Board and has been since 1955.

After 8 months of preparing for a test that can give students college credit and the rigor of a college level class, students take their AP tests, and they’re right around the corner.

“AP classes help students develop skills that will help them be successful in college classes,” AP World History teacher Mara Johnson-petrinec said. “Having experience with college level content, learning the study skills to be successful in AP classes and to read a college-level textbook help prepare students for the challenges of college.”

Students have the option right now of taking 18 different types of AP courses and AP tests. There are 3 math courses, 4 language courses, 3 science courses, 5 history courses, Music Theory, Studio Art and Computer Science.

AP classes help students develop skills that will help them be successful in college classes.

— Mrs. Johnson-petrinec

“You are given the same amount of work as IB, your GPA is equal with IB, and you are eligible for college credit on top of that,” sophomore Charlie McCabe said. “It teaches kids to have better work ethic and how to think critically.”

This year the school got permission to do an AP Photography course as well. Any student can take it but must talk to Mrs. Porter about registering and then talk to Mrs. Truchard who is running the test administration. Next year there will be 3 new courses available, European History, Art History, and Physics 1 and 2.

“Taking AP electives like AP European History help students stand out to colleges,” Mrs. Johnson-petrinec said. “It shows a willingness to go above and beyond in their coursework in high school. It also helps by adding another weighted course to GPA.”

No matter what AP course students can take it gives them exposure to college material and if they choose to take the test gives them an opportunity to gain college credit. It also gives you characteristics that will be able to help you outside of school.

“Taking AP classes help students not only learn higher level academic information, but students also learn skills like time management, organization and self-advocacy,” Dean of Instruction Shandalyn Porter said. “These are all skills that enable people to be successful in college and in their careers.”