New student leadership elected

Following two days of voting, students choose class and overall officers

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A different world
June 3, 2015

Mrs. Bell

Student posters in the hallway help campaigning.

After two days of voting, overall and class officers were elected.


  • President: Cynthia Nguyen
  • Vice President: Jared Bouloy


  • President: McKelle Winsor
  • Vice President: Sierra Stevenson
  • Secretary: Jennifer Munson
  • Treasurer: Emma Mowry


  • President: Nico Champion
  • Vice President: Christian Vieira
  • Secretary: Elaine Kurikose
  • Treasurer: Elias Martinez
  • Historian: Molly Aldred


  • President: Kade Ferguson
  • Vice President: Lindsay Harris
  • Secretary: Lauren Weber
  • Treasurer: Sasha Vargas