Building process for new Randalls begins

Plot of trees torn down for space


Austin Graham

The sign designated the new area for the Randalls to be built. It will be at the intersection of Lakeline and Crystal Falls.

Plans to begin building a new Randalls came out nearly two years ago. The space chosen for it was at the intersection of Lakeline and Crystal Falls. Nearly two weeks ago that plot of land was deforested to begin construction.

“I’m excited for it because whenever my mom will send me to the store I won’t have to go that far,” junior Lily Kubin said. “But then at the same time I use to ride my bike over there and see all the trees.”

Across the street from the Randalls is a strip mall that has just been added. That area use to be where Lakeline ended, but the road has recently been continued going all the way down to old 2243 to open up a new subdivision. This increase in construction is due to the population rising in the Cedar Park and Leander area.

“The more people we have, we’re gonna need more places to go to,” senior Alex Ford said. “I feel like we’re gonna have too many people in the city of Leander and Cedar Park. You can already tell there’s too many people by how bad the traffic is.”

Cedar Park was named the nation’s fourth fastest growing city two years in a row by the U.S Census in 2012 and 2013. In 2014, Cedar Park was ranked third in the nation for largest growth of cities 50,000 or more in population since the 2010 census adding 11,831 people to their population.

“The area has obviously grown a lot,” junior Frances Venditte said. “I moved here before my freshman year and it’s grown exponentially. The subdivisions are just coming out of nowhere and the stores are popping up around every corner.”

Randalls is a food market that originated in Houston and spread to the Austin and Dallas-Fort Worth area. This location was most likely chosen because of the expansion of The Highlands subdivision off of Osage, the growth of subdivisions off Crystal Falls and the new subdivision to be built off Lakeline.