Veterans’ Day ceremony returns to campus


Mrs. Bell

The Blue Belles perform God Bless the USA

by Caroline Cravens, Assistant editor

Leander held a Veterans’ Day ceremony on the November 11 during 2nd period classes. Teachers were able to bring in their students to watch, but not all students attended.

Last year no ceremony was held, even though it has been performed many years prior.

“Over the years, there was less and less participation from other teachers and  it just became a little overwhelming, so we backed away from the ceremony and went with just a recognition for the day,” Mrs. Ochester, one of the teachers involved with planning the ceremony, said.

Many students performed, including AFJROTC, Lionheart singers, a trumpet duet, Blue Belles, ASL III students, as well as Student Council President Kade Ferguson and Nick Patek, who read the history of “Taps.”

“When I spoke with Ms. Spicer early in the year about what we had done in the past, she wanted to have some sort of ceremony, so we decided to do one, but scaled back from what we had done in the past,” Ochester said.  “This will focus more on student participation instead of teacher participation.”

To draw community attention, the ceremony was advertised in the Hill Country News.

“No matter how large or small the number of veterans is, the day is all about them,” Ochester said.  “We just want them to know that LHS appreciates their service and their sacrifice for our nation.”