2016 Presidential Candidacy

This years candidacy has been a joke

With a filthy rich reality T.V show host candidate, an extremely conservative and so right winged he could make a plane unbalanced candidate, a socialist who Obama called comrade candidate and a lyin’ former first lady who tries too hard to “be hip” candidate, this year’s presidential candidacy has been one for the books.

Something really weird, was the beginning of the race. It started out with 17 republican candidates, who dropped like flies, except for the brain surgeon, the Florida attorney and the Ohio governor who looks like he has a slight addiction to mayonnaise. Yet, for some reason, the democratic party only had six candidates to begin with, but only two made it past April.

This year’s candidacy has really seemed like a reality TV show. There’s a lot of factors that play into why this is happening. One of the main reasons is Twitter. The Bernie and Hillary memes blew up so fast and so quick. The Zodiac Killer jokes on Cruz were a big factor. Also, Trump’s entire account was a source of entertainment and fuel for hatred towards him.

Then there were the Republican party debates. If someone were to listen purely to the audio, they would’ve almost been justified by thinking it was a recording of a sleepover with a bunch of deep-voiced middle school boy’s. Poor Ben Carson never even got a chance to speak, and even when he did, his cardboard personality showed through. There were also Cruz and Rubio, who answered nearly every question with an attack or insult at Trump.

Hillary was just comedic as a person. Hitting the whip and nae nae was not her forte. Once again bringing it back to Twitter, her “Tell us how you feel in 3 emojis” tweet did not resonate well with the Millennials she was trying to reach. Bernie however, has made a big impact on the young people. However, most of them are 15 year olds who weren’t around for the Red Scare, Cold War, and rise of communism/socialism in China.

With Cruz and Kasich dropping out, Trump has the republican nomination. Bernie doesn’t have much of a chance against Hillary with her 522 superdelegates to his 39. This candidacy is getting close to it’s end with only six months until November. So far, it has been a rollercoaster and almost completely unpredictable. As with all political races, from now on, all we can do is sit back and watch how it plays out and crack a few jokes.