On fleek: makeup trends

Testing out two makeup trends that have taken over the market


Danielle Bell

The finished look after both contouring and eyebrows were done. We used Maybelline palettes for both.

Makeup trends don’t always stick around. I don’t believe snail masks and blue lipstick will be sticking around long. Two trends that have appeared in recent years, drawing eyebrows and contouring, have taken permanent residence in many women’s makeup bags. These two styles have become a very prominent part of the makeup routine of many influential youtubers and celebrities leading to a lot of people adopting it too. We decided to try these trends out for ourselves.

Though I love makeup, I don’t wear it often mostly because it takes me twenty minutes to do it. I didn’t expect to like drawing my eyebrows at all but was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was and how it seemed to change the way my whole face looked. To others, it wasn’t a huge difference, but to me it was interesting and new. I doubt I will add it to my own routine, but when I feel like doing something subtly different, I’ll probably do my eyebrows.

Makeup is another way for many people to connect to celebrities or popular people they find online. So when many of these people started to rave about contouring so did makeup lovers worldwide. I’ve tried contouring before and loved the way it made my face look, although it definitely did not end up flawless like the tutorials you find online. It’s amazing how a little bronzer, blush and highlighter can make you look so much more awake and put together. Though I don’t do my makeup often, I will enjoy contouring when I have the time.

If you like using makeup, you should try experimenting with these popular techniques and products. It’s a fun way to change up your look and the way the makeup makes you feel.