Top 10 Valentine’s Day gifts

Jack Densmore

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Candy hearts are one of the many gifts that are widely popular on Valentine’s Day.

Here are the Top 10 Valentine gifts that are sure to sweep away your significant other!

1. Chocolate

Everyone loves when the get food as a gift, but better yet chocolate has some science to it. Science has proven the people get the same feeling of falling in love when eating chocolate! So guess what? Give them some chocolate!

2. Really, really big Teddy Bears

Ever heard of those 12 foot teddy bears? Yeah, buy those. In fact, buy a lot of them and surprise your valentine by having them stuffed inside their room! Okay, don’t do that, but get your valentine a nice teddy bear that says something mushy like “I love you” or “Be Mine.”

3. Flowers

Ever heard of the saying “Ladies love flowers”? No? Good, because I just made it up, but regardless valentines love flowers! Flowers are a great way to show affection towards your valentine and also lets them know they’re special to you.

4. Jewelry

Although on the more expensive side, valentines love when you buy them jewelry. It lets them know you are willing to spend your life savings for them! Please don’t spend your life savings.

5. Dinner

Have a reservation made to a nice restaurant. Valentines love it when you take them to a nice place to eat and chat.

6. Random Gifts

Sometimes Valentine gifts don’t have to pertain to the holiday, so buying any kind of gift will make your valentine smile.

7. Goodie Basket

Can’t decide on one thing to buy for Valentine’s Day? Buy a goodie basket! A goodie basket will have many different types of gift in one.

8. Candy Hearts

Everybody loves those candy hearts that have messages on them like “Hug Me” and “Be True.” Plus, food is always a great gift.

9. Candy 

Candy in general is also fine for Valentine’s Day! Valentines will love any candy you buy them, as long as its not Warheads. O_O

10. Cards

Cards are always nice to give someone because you can write a personal message to your valentine! Let them know how special they are to you and they will be grateful.