Top 12 Holiday Traditions

Jack Densmore

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A different world
June 3, 2015


Christmas lights are one of the many holiday decorations used around the house, the tree, and roadways

Holiday traditions are many of the great ways people celebrate the holidays. Here are the Top 12 Holiday traditions!

1. Thinking frost = snow

Texans rarely get snow during the winter. So usually Texans think frost/sleet equals snow.

2. Visiting/Writing Letters to Santa

Kids all over the world write letters to Santa telling him what they want for Christmas.

3. Kwanzaa Themes

Kwanzaa is an ancient holiday from Africa that is still being celebrated today. The holiday includes certain themes for every day. Themes include responsibility, unity, self-determination, and etc.

4. Decorating

Decorating has always been a tradition for the holidays. From hanging up lights to buying Christmas trees.

5. Trail of Lights

The Trail of Lights is a tradition mainly in the Austin area. The Trail of Lights includes miles of decorations, food, and entertainment.

6. Hanukkah – 8 days of gifts

Based on the famous story of the oil lasting in the lamp for eight days. Now the tradition includes eight days of gifts for each day the oil lasted.

7. Decorating trees on the highway

Included in decorations, decorations on highways and in cities has always been a tradition for locals.

8. Lots of shopping

Shopping has always been a major part in holiday traditions as parents worldwide buy presents for their kids.

9. Wishing for snow

Texans, mainly Austinites, wish for snow yearly around the time of December. Instead, they get sleet and frost.

10. Dinner

The family dinner tradition has also been around for a long time as families sit down on Christmas Day and have a feast.

11. Assigned Santa/Santa’s Helper

Santa’s helper as always been a fun tradition among families as one family member is selected to hand out gifts on Christmas Day.

12. Opening one present on Christmas Eve

Many families celebrate this tradition by allowing the children to open one present on Christmas Eve.