Promoting love with hatred


Austin Graham

Visual image of how someone tries to comfort with love and hate at the same time. (This is not a real knife, it is a colored piece of paper stapled to another piece of paper.)

Something that has become huge in the generation of technology is the promotion of self love for specific groups of people. Constantly in history the world finds one specific group of people to hate upon. The Holocaust with the Jews, The Civil War with the blacks and The Romans with the Christians.

These are all large scale examples, but little things like this happen all the time. Society has made the image of the “perfect woman” to be a skinny, tall, and tan female. To go against this people sometimes attack this image that society makes.

Songs in the mainstream media like “All About That Bass” by Artist Meghan Trainor have really good intentions, but contain bad ones as well. The song refers to skinny girls with a derogatory term that can be easily overlooked. While she does correct herself afterwards, that word seems to linger in the air.

A social media website that is a big victim of this is Tumblr. People constantly degrade straights, whites, and men to promote their opposites. Equality is something everybody deserves and there are many ways to reach it without taking actions like these.

If you put someone down to bring someone up, it becomes an endless cycle, because whilst bringing one person up, someone is being brought down. It’s similar to the yelling cycle. A boss yells at the manager, the manager yells at an employee, the employee yells at their significant other and it goes on from there.

This cycle of promoting love with hatred needs to end. It brings harm to our modern day technologically advanced society and causes pointless Twitter fights, Tumblr wars and Instagram beefs. We as a race can never find love if we surround ourselves with hatred.