A mad adventure with ‘Mad Max’


Design by Gigi Allen

Movie poster for Mad Max Fury Road where Max and Furiousia are on the run from enemy tribal war parties.

Sit down, strap in and get ready to take off. From the moment the movie starts till when it ends you will be owned by the action, thrills, and special effects that come with Mad Max. In this movie, none of the action thrilling story is clogged with long drawn out restful moments for the viewer. One will leave the theater needing to take a nap for the next two hours, all their nerves tense and minds wowed. Not just another car movie, Mad Max lives up to everything you can expect going in.

The movie starts off with our protagonist Max (Tom Hardy), chilling in the desert with a wild beard and a wild mind. When he hears the patrol cars coming he takes off but is captured and branded. The movie explains that in this world nuclear explosions have destroyed everything and the world is now a technologically advanced car racing tribal zone. Where gasoline and water are a privilege and more then half of the population in the villages are homeless, unclothed, starving, and willing to do anything for some “guzzling”. The fighters are called “War Boys” and when they get close to the end of their “half lives” will use universal blood donors, such as Max, to help them complete their final self sacrificing acts to be granted inside the gates of Valhalla. This is a mystical place with green, water and a resting place for the heroes of time. Furiousia (Charlize Theron) goes off track and it is realized that she has captured valuable Breeders (Zoe Kravitz, Rosie Huntington, Riley Keough, Abbey Lee, Courtney Eaton). Their mission… to escape to the green place with the help of Max.

This movie was a breath taker. The plot and action went hand in hand. Both being haunted, heart stopping and captivating. When the scene opens the viewer is not given any back ground. You sit down right in the middle of the action and are captured by the fast pace for the entire time. The most entertaining is when the characters are being chased and the theme music starts. Not just a score but a giant moving speaker system with drums, and a guy in a bungee suit playing a flame throwing guitar! Sitting in the audience the only reaction available will be wow.

Coming out of the theater viewers will be exhausted. They will have gotten there early because if they get a 2:30 ticket and show up at 2:20 they will be sitting in the worst two rows. Even with their heads tilted back to watch they will be captivated. The effects and music pumped the blood and adrenaline. One leaves feeling like they can take on the world. For a movie to be so action packed but still making all of the audiences heart stop in some of the few slow emotional scenes is a miracle. This movie is a must see.

Rating: A+
Time: 120 min
Rated R for intense sequences of violence throughout, and for disturbing images. But what great movies don’t have disturbing images?