Movie Review: Mockingjay Part 2

Suzanne Collin’s The Hunger Games in the movie form comes to an end

Natalie Ditsler

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Natalie Ditsler

Several days after being released, theaters were still packed. Part 1 made close to $212 million profit.

The final installment of the Hunger Games series has earned 4 stars. There was plenty of action and some very heavy emotion with the loss of some beloved characters. They brought the book to life in a way that improved the story and left the audience with a feeling of hope.

For those who have read the book, the movie does not disappoint in visualizing the intense scenes that the book is known for. The sets, along with CGI, bring you into to the battlefield that is Panem. One particular shot is taken as an aircraft is landing and shows the district rebels walking around a base like a stream of tiny ants. There are so many moments from the book that were heartbreaking and horrifying. The movie definitely turned those moments into reality with special effects and acting.

It is obvious in this last movie that Jennifer Lawrence has grown accustomed to playing Katniss. The speeches that she makes as Katniss are still just as inspirational and profound as they have been in the previous movies. Josh Hutcherson looked close to emaciated as Peeta, luckily that was just a little movie magic, and really pulled on the heartstrings. Both of them are unafraid of being real humans. Lawrence for example did some of the most realistic crying I’ve ever seen in movies with drool hanging from her mouth. Hutcherson also gave a very convincing  performance screaming his head off and spitting all over the place. We forget that people aren’t always perfect. Some of us become an absolute mess when we cry and the fact that these actors reflect that is really refreshing.

The conclusion of the Hunger Games series is a must see that wraps things up in a neat bow. It is highly recommended to get there early enough to get the seats you want. If you haven’t read the book and no one has ruined it for you, be prepared for some surprises and twists.