Caroline’s Staff Picks

by Caroline Cravens, Staff Writer

App: Song Pop (free). Recently I found a free and fun app called Song Pop; you play against people and try to guess what song is playing or the artist singing, and the person who guesses the fastest wins. Each player gets to pick a category or genre, like 80’s or Todays Music. Then each round is composed five songs; each clip of a song is about 10 seconds long. This game gets really addicting after a while, and it’s a lot of fun for anyone that likes music.
Artist/Band: Seether. I listen to just about everything from country to rock, but my favorite singer right now is Seether. His music varies a little bit, but it’s all rock. Some of it is a bit more metal, but a lot of songs I like from him are more typical rock. A few of my favorite songs by Seether are Country Song, Broken, and Tonight.

Book: The Count of Monte Cristo. The Count of Monte Cristo is an exciting book for everyone. There’s romance, adventure, murder by poisoning, treasure, and some really great characters. While the book is a bit hard to follow sometimes, there’s an abridged version that’s a bit easier to understand. The actual version is about 800 pages, and the abridged is only 400. The author, Alexandre Dumas, is also the author of The Three Musketeers. The Count of Monte Cristo is in the library, but you can also find it at half price books for pretty cheap.

Store: Forever 21. This store has tons of different styles, you’re sure to find one you’ll like. Everything is organized by styles, and there are lots of cheap cute clothes. This store has everything from comfy shirts to classy dresses.