Cody’s Staff Picks

Music: Recently I have been listening to a lot of Bob Dylan, with the release of his new album. And some jazz as well, like John Coltrane and Miles Davis; they are some favorites of mine. But I really love all kinds of music rap/hip-hop, rock, electronic, a lot of genres, except country… country is the worst.

Movie: One of my favorite movies of all time has to be the movie Goodfellas. It is such an interesting movie based on true events from the mob in the 70’s. It contains a lot, a lot of swearing and drug use but if that is okay with you then you should definately watch this great film.

TV: The TV show that I have been watching recently is Freaks and Geeks, it is a quirky TV show set around the lives of geeky kids and the “bad” kids in high school. It is easily relatable because it is set around the lives of high school students and their problems and such.

Hobby: I love to just sit around my house being lazy and playing songs on my guitar. It’s really fun and passes the time. I started to play the guitar about 2 years ago and I haven’t let go of it since it’s really enjoyable. If you ever have a chance just pick up a guitar and start learning!

App: I love the app Spotify. It is the greatest thing ever to come to music. It allows you to gain instant access to all of the worlds recorded music, for free! They also have a radio station option, just like Pandora, but better! If you haven’t discovered, Spotify you need to check it out.