Kaitlin’s Staff Picks

By Kaitlin Hutson

Movie: A Goofy Movie. My absolute favorite movie of all time. I fell in love with this movie when I was young, and continue to watch it now. A Goofy Movie entertains at every age group with its fun and quirky style featured within. You can’t help but become happy as you watch this movie.

Artist(s): Billy Joel. I have never found the “new” wave of music worth listening to. Though different, my taste in music contains classic, long-remembered artists, such as, Billy Joel. Making his mark in the 1980s, Billy Joel carried the tunes of “Uptown Girl” and “Only the Good Die Young.” Classy, yet, lively are the components of this artist.

Food/Restaurant: Potbelly’s. I recently found this sandwich shop while I was out with a friend. Potbelly’s is a sandwich joint that creates an Irish feel as you walk in with loud, live music and a pub-like décor, not to mention absolutely delicious. I have found my new lunch spot when I am out shopping.

Store: Gap. The store I go to first. My style contains simple and elegant pieces, and Gap is the store just for that. Known for their jeans, the store can be expensive. Yet, the items needed for everyone’s closet, such as, a plain white v-neck, Gap exhibits them for an extremely inexpensive price. When I have a job in the real world, Gap will be the only store I go to.

Misc: Thanksgiving tradition. Every year, my family and I watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade on TV while cooking/baking and getting ready. I absolutely love watching the different types of floats and performances on ABC. My bucket list consists of attending the parade in person with a loved one(s).