Lauren’s Picks


Artist(s): Glee Cast When the Season 2 premiere aired, I was immediately reminded of why I fell in love with this show in the first place—the music is insanely fun. The new character additions to the show immediately found their way to my playlist and will probably stay there for quite some time.

Video: Very Mary Kate- Moving Day There’s a whole series of this girl pretending to be Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen. She’s absolutely hysterical and these videos never get old to me. I still hit the floor laughing whenever I watch them, which is often.  

Movie: Letters to Juliet I saw this movie in theaters with my best friend, Kendall and I recently watched it with my mom on pay-per-view and it’s such a sweet movie. It’s a little cheesy and girly, but perfect when you’re craving some romance.

Food: V8 Fusion Juice I got my wisdom teeth out recently, which made chewing anything more-or-less impossible. This juice helped me maintain a healthy diet, by providing a serving of fruits and vegetables in every glass. It sounds really gross, but it takes just like fruit juice and so I didn’t mind drinking it at all.

Misc: Clothing store- Anthropologie Easily my latest obsession, this store is quirky and fun without being in-your-face. Their clothes are very unique and I don’t ever have to worry about someone wearing the same thing as me, when I’m sporting Anthro.