The Best…Way to Destress, Part 3

by Siandhara Bonnet, Editor-in-Chief

Our staff chose various topics to review and share with the students at LHS. This is part three of a 3-part series.

School has been in for a few weeks now, so most students are adjusted to the school routine (homework, classes, waking up early, etc.). Unfortunately, just because students are adjusted doesn’t mean that there will be less stress. There will be more homework and more difficult lessons. The best, and final, way to destress that is highly recommended, is just stepping away.

Stepping away works for almost every situation imaginable. It’s almost like finding a distraction and breathing at the same time, but it’s different. Stepping away involves removing the cause of stress from the mind and out of sight. It allows the mind to relax and lets a person breathe.

In a “difficult assignment” situation, stepping away stops the brain from thinking about the problem and gives it a break. It lets the student return to the question with a clear head. In a “too much is going on” situation, although it seems untimely, stepping away, again, lets the brain relax and return with a clear mind.

When a student steps away, it isn’t slacking off or being lazy, it’s saving the student’s sanity. It’s providing the student an opportunity to return to the situation with a calm and clear head. It’s really the best way to destress.