Freshmen Basketball take on Burnet, Hutto

Against Burnet and Hutto, A team takes win, B team takes loss


Aimee Bozoudes

In the middle gym, Logan Clark along with fellow Lions anticipate a score. After this basket was made during the third quarter, the score was brought up to 56-21.

The freshmen boys’ basketball teams stayed home on November 24th to go against Burnet and Hutto. While the A team dominated the court to a final score of 82-32 against Hutto. Hutto slipped by against the B team to close the night with a score of 39-42.

“I’m excited to work with such a great group of young men,” A team Coach Bradley Washington said. “They have bought into what we are teaching as a program and give everything they have, every minute of every game.”

Going against Burnet, the Lions took the lead in the first quarter by halving the difference to a score 20-7 with Ryan Amerson gaining 10 points and Logan Clark along with Hunter Stevens earning eight to finish the first half with a score of 47-21. Clark then proceeded to gain points for the Lions by earning 13 points during the second half, and Tay Brown scoring eight as the Lions pushed into victory and ending the game with a score of 82-32. 

They have bought into what we are teaching as a program and give everything they have, every minute of every game.

— Bradley Washington

“We’ve played with each other for quite awhile because the entire team played in middle school,” Clark said. “We all know how each other plays so we can have good looks and nice passes and know each other ability of playing.”

Competing against Hutto the same night, B-team stayed home and lost with a score of 39-42. While the Lions held the lead for three quarters by gaining 33 points, 10 of which were made by Nate Pfeifer followed by Bryce Carson who made seven and Addison LaRue who gained six, Hutto slipped through during the fourth by gaining 12 points and bringing the final score to 39-42.

“Before we step on the court, I’m focused,” Diego Segura said. “While I’m playing? Focused. After the game? Even then, you have to be mature about a win or a loss and focus for a few minutes on what just took place. That’s what will help you improve. I might not be the most skilled post that’s ever come through here, but I feel for me specifically that I love coming in to practice and learning the X’s and O’s of basketball.”

The freshmen’s next game will be against Belton on December 7 at home with the A team’s game starting at 5:30 p.m. and the B teams beginning at 7 p.m.