Tigers Slip by Lions


Siandhara Bonnet

Sophomore Cody Bayer dribbles across the court towards the basket.

by Jack Densmore, Staff Writer

The junior varsity boys basketball team faced a tough game against Dripping Springs. The Tigers barely squeezed by with a final score of 54-51.

Dripping Springs led the first quarter 17-10. The Tigers continued to lead in the second quarter by scoring another 13 points while Leander scored 11 points, and they continued their lead into the third quarter scoring 12 points, and Leander scoring 10. Dripping Springs closed out scoring 11 points in the final quarter and Leander scored six.

“We’re doing [well]; a lot of stuff we’ve gotta improve, but overall we’re making a lot of progress,” sophomore Dominique Sewell said. “We’re young, but we’ve got a lot of talent. Never count us out!”

The freshman A basketball team faced a tough game against the Tigers. The Tigers came away with a win with a score of 60-40. The Lions led the first quarter 12-11. Dripping Springs came back in the second quarter to lead 27-18 at the end of the half. In the third quarter Dripping Springs continued to lead with a score of 45-26. In the final quarter Dripping Springs won a hard fought game against the Lions with a score of 60-40.

“I would say it’s not going too well,” freshman Alexander Djukic said, “but I think we have a pretty strong team here, and I think we’re capable of winning games.”

The Freshman B team faced a tough defeat against the Tigers with a score of 42-28.

“We did a lot of things really [well], and we have really good quarters, and I think we’re still trying to string four quarters together,” freshman coach McNeil said, “so we’re still kind of working to do that. I think the other night we had three pretty good [quarters] and I think the third quarter got us a little bit. I feel like there were a lot of good plays in there, a lot of good possessions, we played defense pretty well. We just gotta string four quarters together, four good quarters, four consistent quarters, and I think if we figure out how to do that that it’s going to be a big difference for us.”