Lions narrowly escape the Lobos

Team furthers winning streak


Dylan Hanna

Senior Blane Smith lines up a shot in a previous game. Smith is one of four forwards on the Lions.

by Michelle Parker, Staff Writer

The Lions won against Lehman’s Lobos 47-45, furthering their winning streak to two games.

“We kept our composure and kept fighting throughout the game,” senior Cody Bayer said. “It [feels] great to win and be up top in district.”

The Lions trailed by five points at the third quarter, but managed to score 15 points in the final quarter.

We kept our composure and kept fighting throughout the game. It [feels] great to win.

— Cody Bayer

“When we started picking [the Lobos] up in the full court and pressuring them on defense, we started to get turnovers and more points that helped us get the win,” senior Chase Cotton said. “[The Lobos] did a good job of getting us out of our normal [routine] and slowing down the game so we had to score every chance we had.”

This game changes the Lion’s win-loss record to 14-7.

“I was a little nervous at one point but I still had faith in my teammates that we’d pull through,” Cotton said. “We were all very reluctant after the game and we knew we’d have to play a little better next time we see them.”

The Lions will play the Vista Ridge Rangers on January 27 at Vista Ridge high school.