1st district game for Freshman teams

by Matthew Grissom, Staff Writer

The red team played the Vandegrift Vipers for their first district game. The lions fought hard but fell short with a score of 15-0.

The offense moved the ball pretty well into the 20 yard line. They just couldn’t get it in the end zone. They turned a lot of first downs and blocked nicely for running back Jacob Alexander. Tight end Jose Rude had receptions in the game. Garret Hickman lead the O-Line and receiver Alex Young ran the ball pretty well.

“We started out strong both on ofance and defence but we fell apart in the 2nd half,” Young said. “We need to stay in the game all they way through.”

Ivan Quiroz, Aden Reams, and Malachi Shellnutt all lead the D-line for some good plays, but just could not hold them back.

“As a whole,” Coach Sturgell said, “we executed the ball well on offense but we need to catch more opportunities to score. Defense played well; they need to get better at bigger plays.”

The blue team fought hard but came out short with a score of 28-6. The offense, on its first couple of drives, moved the ball well, and they quickly got on the score board. They had lots of opportunities to move the ball, but they couldn’t get through. Quarterback Colton Davis found Jacob Eglsee to get a 40 yard touchdown and center Jeremy Kracy lead the O-line.

The defense played hard and they held the Vipers pretty well. Defensive end Frank Cortes and defensive back David Wolfe lead the defense.

Overall, Coach Sturgell was very proud of both teams and how much they improved.

“We just need to change a few things here and there and we will beat Cedar Park,” Sturgell said. “The offense needs to score more and the all work together.”

The teams play against Cedar Park on October 9th, 2014.