Spring football practice kicks off


Jack Densmore

Junior Nick Patek catching a pass during the first spring football practice of the week. Head coach Smith mostly worked with the receivers during practice.

The Lions spring football practice kicked off on May 11 with a series of different drills.

“We try to improve every day, get better in different aspects of individual, group, or team offense or defense,” head coach Tim Smith said. “Part of the improvement is competing, being able to compete in every aspect of the game.”

The players and coaches worked on a variety of different drills that included catching, blocking, and defensive tackling and coverage. The defense also worked on formations and different plays. During this week’s practice Coach Smith stuck around the catching drills. Eventually the defense and part of the offense came together to have a four on four practice.

“The team looks pretty good,”Smith said. “They’re practicing hard; they’re improving, but we won’t know until we play that first game next year. ButI like the direction we’re going. I think they’re kind of getting the ship steered right, and we’ll get it rolling from there.”

Every football team will practice everyday at 4:15 after school this week.