Girls Flag Football

v   By Kaitlin Hutson

   It’s a new tradition created at Leander High School, and all over the Leander School District. Yes, we have started a Girls Flag Football League, which has been creating a big wave of excitement as the season goes on. 

   This year girls from Vista Ridge, Cedar Park, and Leander have stepped up to the plate and have shown that girls can be just as tough as boys can. Coached by Kyle Hickam, our Leander girls have had a pretty terrific season so far this year.

   “The effort the girls give would make any coach proud. I have a team that wants to be better and has improved so much in such a short time that I can only imagine great things for our TEAM. I am a lucky coach to have a group of girls that have the athletic ability, spirit and attitude that I have on my team. Their attitude is what makes them winners and that’s why I say they have won every game they played. Their coach may have lost a couple of games but the girls have won every game,” said, Kyle Hickam, coach.

   Every Thursday night at 6:00pm the Lady Lions practice at the Running Brushy field, and play against the Vista Ridge Rangers and the two teams of the Cedar Park Timberwolves (green and black) every Friday. With a loss of two and one win, Lady Lions are improving greatly and love how the season is going so far.

   “Flag Football is such a great opportunity. Girls aren’t as weak as you think they are. We could own the guys anyway,” Shae Lyn Woodard, junior.